Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Mego Custom Figure - "Yellow" Daredevil (First Appearance)


I thought I would share another look at one of my custom action figures. Today, it is the original Matt Murdock "Yellow Daredevil" in his first appearance costume from DAREDEVIL #1-6 circa 1964. I've always loved this "Year One" look of Daredevil outside his more iconic all red outfit. In times past, I always tried to collect his "variant" figure in other toylines, but never got my hands on one. With my return to collecting Mego figures, he was one of my first choices. 

This outfit comes from the Diamond Select limited edition Daredevil Collector's set that I placed on a reproduction Mego figure that I purchased through the ClassicTVToys.com website. The backing card I designed and had printed on a vinyl adhesive "sticker" that I placed on chipboard and cut out. Yesterday, I shared my Speedy figure. I am doing these custom backing cards for the figures that I am collecting and placing them in FTC clam shells. Eventually I will create cards for the classic Daredevil in red as well as the blind Matt Murdock lawyer figure.

PDF Art - Front Side of "Yellow" Daredevil Mego backing card

PDF Art - Back Side of "Yellow" Daredevil Mego backing card

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