Saturday, February 12, 2022



I just wanted to drop a line to let folks know who follow me here on my personal website that this past week I have relaunched the official THRILL SEEKER COMICS™ website at I have separated the Thrill Seeker site from my personal site after all these years so that the new site will be solely focused on the comic series and my personal site can contain my other rambling thoughts and going ons.

We're now celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the release of the very first Thrill Seeker story that introduced the world  to YELLOW JACKET: MAN OF MYSTERY™, THE GOLDEN AGE EMERALD MANTIS™, and THE SACRED SCARAB™ in SHOOTING STAR COMICS ANTHOLOGY™ #1 back in 2002. This year we are preparing to release a weekly online webcomic as well as a new series later in the year. Right now, we're offering THRILL SEEKER COMICS™ ASHCAN #1 as a limited edition release that you can purchase on the website.